Earn revenue every time someone connects.

Monetize the guest Wi-Fi you give away for free!

Why join the media network?

Our easy-to-use Ads4WiFi Media Network allows you to quickly begin selling ad space on your Hotspots. Start making money as people connect to your guest Wi-Fi.

Earn revenue as people connect to your hotspot network.

It takes a lot of money to maintain a high-quality guest Wi-Fi network. Now you can earn by enabling advertisements on your network.

Help off-set Internet bandwidth costs.

Monetizing directly from the Wi-Fi you offer guests not only helps offset the cost, but also offers you a new revenue stream.

We promote your hotspot(s) to our advertiser network.

Create a hotspot listing, and we share it to our growing list of advertisers and ad agencies that want to promote their brand to your visitors. We take care of the ad delivery.

Supplement your existing sponsorship programs.

Does your venue currently offer advertising opportunities? Supplement it by offering a package that includes advertising on your Wi-Fi network.

Access the Ads4WiFi Media Kit

How it works

Once you’ve joined the network, you’ll list relevant hotspot location and usage information. Your locations will then be presented to advertisers and agencies that are looking for Wi-Fi hotspots to advertise on. You’ll be notified when there’s interest and you’ll have the opportunity to determine if the advertiser is a fit for your location and offers you an acceptable price. If you accept the contract, the Ads4WiFi team will work with you to make sure your hotspot(s) are ready to deliver the ads and will handle the payment with the advertiser. We take a portion of the ad revenue as our fee for brokering your location and using our Wi-Fi ad delivery platforms.

Advertisers are looking for opportunities in these type of hotspots

Food & Beverage

Festivals & Events

Outdoor Rec

Retail & Grocery

Hotels & Cowork




Public Spaces

Smart Cities



Would you prefer to have a robust do-it-yourself ads platform to self-manage your own Wi-Fi ads and campaigns?

Earn money as people connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot.

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