Advertise to a captive audience

Connect with people as they connect! WiFi advertising serves your ads to a highly engaged mobile audience on hotspots.

Drive Engagement

With more and more digital advertising choices, you need an effective strategy that includes the following elements:

High-Performing CTR's

Don't just guess that users are going to click on your digital advertising. Wi-Fi ads are displayed directly onto a user's Smart phone/tablet device to drive clicks and engagements.

Heavily Targeted to Mobile Viewers

87% of the guest Wi-Fi connections on our media network is performed on a smartphone device. Mobile ads are a powerful vertical to reach and engage with audiences in real time.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

The Ads4WiFi Media Network lets you search for ad opportunities based on specific locations and regions. So you know that your ads are being shown where you want.

Captivate Your Audience

Set your advertising assets to either be a static banner, or video. With the Ads4WiFi Media Network, you're in control with your banner creatives.

Advertise to a Connected Audience

Over 60% of guest Wi-Fi connections of the media network are performed by Gen Zers and Millennials. So you know your advertising efforts will be shown to an audience who want to engage with digital content.

Access the Ads4WiFi Media Kit

How it works


Once you have access you will have the ability to shop for locations


Ability to target audience based on location, hotspot type, other available demographics


Make an offer, once you’ve chosen a location you can make an offer for your campaign that will be delivered to the venue/hotspot owner


Once your contract has been accepted, with our teams assistance and powerful platform, we will help your coordinate on your advertising creatives


Throughout and after the campaign, our team will report all the vital information related to your campaign success


Receive digest alerts about new locations, so you can be the first advertiser to bid

What types of ads are supported?

Advertising campaign delivery and management built for guest WiFi networks.

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