What We Do

We help WiFi operators monetize their WiFi hotspots

Ads4WiFi lets you manage and deliver ads within your WiFi hotspot network.

We add recurring revenue with mobile-optimized, geographically targeted digital advertising.

You can sell your own ads or have us broker them.

Your Potential


by creating sponsored WiFi hotspots

Sell your own ad spots

With our demographics, you’ll know what to charge

Save time and money

as we sell your ad spaces and split the revenue with you

How It Works

  • The Ads4WiFi platform enables you to sell advertising on some or all of your WiFi hotspots. You will manage your advertising network using the cloud-based Ads4WiFi platform.
  • Earn recurring revenue from the sales you make and from having us broker your ad spaces.
  • Your Ads4WiFi-enables locations will be listed in a publisher directory, give a specific advertising redirection URL and certain ad spaces will be brokered for sale to various advertisers.
  • You can add as many hotspot locations as you’d like, charge less for social WiFi hotspots and earn more money!
  • Our solution works with
    MOST WiFi hotspot platforms
    in the marketplace,
    including (but not limited to):

    • HotsSpotSystem
    • Open-Mesh
    • Purple WiFi
    • Merken
    • Cloud4WiFi
    • GoZone (Fully integrated)
    • ZenReach
    • White Label WiFi


    • Completely cloud-based

      You don’t need to change any infrastructure.

    • Detailed demographics

      Know who is connecting to your hotspots so you can give that data to sell your own advertising.

    • Digital Ads Brokerage Services

      We’ll publish your hotspots to our advertisers so you can earn more revenue in key areas and events.

    • Non-intrusive

      to the social WiFi login process that you already have.

    • Mobile-Optimized

    • Supports multiple campaigns

      and multiple landing pages simultaneously.

    Who Is This For

    Whether you are a:

    • Marketing Agency
    • Social WiFi operator/provider
    • Value Added Reseller (VAR)
    • Managed Services Provider (MSP)
    • Telecom Operator
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    • Marketing software provider
    • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

    …we help you enhance your current service lines with advertising without the costs involved in building a platform from scratch


    Who We Are

    Aggregated networks in key communities - 77%
    Digital Advertising Experience - 100%
    Operators of a Social WiFi Network - 98%

    We have developed a feature-rich, marketing-based software platform that transforms passive guest WiFi into a powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses.

    As Smart WiFi operators ourselves, we are witnessing a preference for digital advertising delivered to captive audiences on their mobile devices. Our goal was to make our platform available so that it would be quickly added into our partners’ service offerings without involving the overhead costs of platform development and salesforce.
    Our global Ads4WiFi network partners promises hotspot providers an excellent revenue potential. We do this by attracting national advertisers and sponsors willing to pay premium rates for custom, aggregated network.

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    Give your clients WiFi, geo-targeted advertising options that work now.

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